Raleigh Cary Apex Screen Porch Colors

What colors match your house?  What colors go together?  What colors are NOT on your house?  All of these and more are factors to take into account when picking colors.  A fair percentage of people have no idea where to start.  That’s where I come in.  Since the beginning, I’ve found success in helping guide people through a color / material selection process as a result of my strong background in art and photography. 

Most builders may offer a very narrow color scheme or even just one color option.  That’s not us!  I’ve developed a few ways to help guide homeowners through various color selections.  Ultimately, it’s up to the homeowner but with my guidance, homeowners have been very satisfied with the end results.  At times I’ve even helped them avert a tragedy.

Colors are very important!  There are many good builders out there but do they have a “good eye” for colors?  There was a homeowner who hired a well known local porch builder (not us) and after the project was complete, she let me know that she greatly regretted her decision.  Her builder ordered and installed the wrong color Eze Breeze panels for her house color scheme.  She ended up ordering a brand-new set of the correct color Eze Breeze panels, costing her an additional 5K because the builder did not take responsibility for his mistake.

“What are my color options?”  This is an important question you should be asking your potential contractor.  You definitely don’t want to have chosen a good builder, only to regret the way the color turned out.  I hear this more and more frequently these days about other builders.  Especially when compared to our pictures of multiple color options and ceiling styles.

Painted ceilings

I get asked all the time to paint ceilings.  Light blues, whites, even off-white…  Some people advise against painted ceilings.  Used to be that the ceiling boards would shrink, causing gaps between the tongue and groove planks and thus revealing unpainted surfaces between the boards.  I’ve found a solution to this problem, so no more worries painting ceilings.  We’ve done some beautiful ceilings that were painted.  Our “Reverse Neo-Rustique” trim out features a partially painted /stained ceiling (see our ceilings page).