Cary 3 Season Room

Luxury screen porch

What does that mean? – “Luxury screen porch”.  Well…. we all know what a standard “builder” screen porch looks like…  but what if you could walk out of your back door into an awe-inspiring room that opens up into the yard?  Basically the term “Luxury screen porch” means that every effort is made to ensure the highest quality, newest innovations, extensive options catalog, etc.  Of course, only the best materials available are used.  Our base package is just about everything you’d need in a luxury screen porch:

What’s included?

-6×6 columns

-Vaulted ceilings with open gable

-Multiple ceiling styles / color options

-Dimmable can lights

-Ceiling fan install

-Rope lighting

-Premium, kiln-dried decking

-Removable superscreen panels

-Square (Deckorator) metal balusters

-Electrical outlets

-Quality storm door with hydraulic closers & deadbolt lock

-Other secret features included (deters competition from acquiring intellectual property 🙂

Our options menu has expanded over the years to include every possibility:

Eze Breeze panels


-Tile floors


-Composite grilling decks

-Many other options as well as more secret options 🙂

See our options page for more details!