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If you haven’t seen our Facebook page, you must check it out.  It shows every single day of construction for the last 10 + years!  It started out as a gag, of sorts.  Showing first person views (*BOSS CAMS* & *LABOR CAMS*) of work in progress.  The gag turned into a very effective way to show people what to expect when taking on a screen porch project.  It has become a daily routine ever since.  On this page, you can see just how things work during the building process, how long our screen porches take to build, what’s trending (options / trim outs) and how efficient we are.

Find out just how efficient we are!

We’ve not missed one day over the last 10 years to poor planning, only to weather or vacation!  That says alot!  None of our competitors can say that.  I hear of many other companies that lose days to poor planning.  My goal is to keep my guys busy every single day.  So if it’s Monday – Friday and the sun is out, we’re working!  With that being said, when we’re working on a screen porch, we are working in the most efficient manner possible.  Our methods have been systematically refined over the years, making us the most efficient, quality screen porch builder in North Carolina and maybe the U.S.

See what’s trending!

There are a lot of options!  Seeing recent, finished projects may help you make a decision on what to choose.  From different ceiling trim outs & colors to tile floors, Eze Breeze panels, skylights, etc.  Seeing what other people are doing and what’s current is a big help.  For example, our signature ceiling, the “Neo-Rustique” ceiling has been wildly popular ever since we introduced it 6 years ago.  It definitely breaks the mold of the old “beadboard look”.  Be sure to check it out on our Ceiling style page.

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