New website!

Our new website is up and running!  Our previous site was acclaimed regularly by customers as the best screen porch website in the Triangle area.  We have raised the bar yet again.  Our new website has been totally redone to provide an even better user experience.

Our first criteria:

Pictures, pictures, pictures!  This has always been my vision from the beginning!  To help others visualize and manifest their screen porch project!  I’ve found this makes the jobs go smoother, eliminating variables and surprises as much as possible.  It’s always better when everyone’s on the same page.  Over the years I’ve tried to put myself in the customers shoes, thinking like they think.  Our goal is to make that communication connection, between us and the customer, as vivid as possible.

Ease of use!

I know what I like and I don’t like bright computer screens!  I realize that a lot of people are searching for screen porch builders at nighttime when their eyes might be sensitive.  A black background is much easier on the eyes than a bright white background.  We actually paid extra for this feature because we think it’s important.  Especially since people will usually spend a considerable amount of time going through our project pictures and information.

Getting the info you need!

Where to start???  So many people don’t know where to start with a screen porch project.  If you talk to the wrong contractors, they can actually confuse you.  Our new website is set up to be a guiding experience.  By the end of one session on our website, you will understand that our way of doing things is the best.  Our system has been optimized and refined repeatedly and then simplified for homeowners.

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