“Our base package includes so much! For years we’ve offered a starting package that doesn’t skimp on anything. We know that some people will want things like tile floors, T.V. hookups and skylights and some people won’t.  We’ve come up with a very easy way to include most options that people need, while offering these variable options as upgrades.  This gives a base package that lacks nothing with an easy way to add anything you like!  After 17 years of fine tuning, this guarantees you get everything you want and a better project than you expect!”

-Nick Overby (owner of Pro-Built Construction)

~ Screen Porch Base Package ~

Choose your ceiling style & color!

Raleigh screen porch builder

The ceiling is the focal point of the screen porch!  And yes, any of these ceiling styles are included in your porch addition!  You are looking at hand picked, tongue and groove boards, not paneling.  Choose any one of these designs, in any color for your project!  This is the biggest way to personalize your porch. (Skylights additional)

Can lights

4 Can lights on a dimmer switch are included for adjustable lighting.  Ceiling fan is wired and installed by us (actual fan provided by homeowner).

Rope Lighting

Want to really set the mood?  Shazaam! (Yes, this is included)  This lighting is the most used based on customer feedback.

6 x 6 Columns / Rail Posts

These large posts add strength visually and structurally.  On screen porches, they have a column type effect.

Premium, Kiln Dried Decking

Hand picked, #1 grade, premium kiln dried decking is standard on our screen porches.  This is the best wood flooring you can buy.  Every board is screwed down as well.  We also use a professional floor sander at the end of the project to make it perfectly smooth.  We finish it with a high quality, oil based stain, the color of your choice!   This gorgeous wood does very well under a porch roof.  So if you’re wanting a screen porch, this is the way to go.

Removable Super-Screen Panels

Porch Removable Super-Screen Panels

We have a professional workshop where we custom make our screen panels.  Separate panels make it easy to pop one out and replace.  This is great for homeowners who may need to replace screen in the future.  The great thing is that we’ve not had one call back in over 400 projects due to damaged screen.  That’s due to the Super-screen(TM) we use! A Kevlar-type screen that is ex-screen-ly durable!  ?

Screen porch railing 

These are the balusters we use on screen porches.  Much better than wooden pickets.  They’re powder coated aluminum providing for a super long lasting baluster.  We use the square ones for a sharp, classy look.  Take a look at that beautiful wood, it’s also all hand picked, #1 grade, kiln dried!  (We can also use this railing system on 3 season rooms, if you like)

3 Season Room Railing

On 3 season rooms, we use a very sleek, iron railing system with a much more narrow top and bottom rail for better view.  It actually saves 7 inches of horizontal view total, which is a lot!  Especially considering that the top rail lines up with your line of sight while sitting.

Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are included in our base package.  Additional outlets available.

Crowned Posts

Extra crown moulding at top of porch support posts.  We offered it as an option but everyone wanted it, so now it’s part of our included base package!  A small detail that adds greatly to the architecture when placed beside our already detailed trim outs.  We’ve heard time and time again how we were awarded a job for this one detail alone!

High quality storm door

Apex screen porch builder

We provide a high quality storm door for every screen porch and 3 season room.  It latches shut, preventing that slapping that screen doors do when it’s windy outside.  It comes with two automatic closers, top and bottom for a perfect close every time.  These doors also have an adjustable kick plate sweep and a lock & key deadbolt.  On 3 Season Rooms we use a storm door with an operable window for more ventilation.

Floor sanding

NC porch pros Pro-Built Construction

If you choose our premium, kiln dried wood decking, your floor will be sanded with a professional floor sander prior to stain application!

 ~ Available Upgrades ~


Are you worried about losing light by adding a roof to your house?  Skylights may be your solution!  Available in sizes of 2′ x 4′ (left) or 4’ x 4’ (right)!  Each skylight is trimmed out with tongue and groove, to match the ceiling, and then picture framed with trim.

Sunspace Panels

Sunspace panels are awesome!  They keep wind, rain and pollen out, hold in heat, hamper down outside noises considerably and more.  In a few minutes, convert your 3 season room to a screen porch and back again with Sunspace panels!  With integrated screen on the outside, all you have to do is raise or lower the retractable sections to have a screen porch or 3 season room almost instantly.  90% of the projects we build, are Sunspace projects.  They’re a high quality product being much better than Eze Breeze panels in many ways (see the blog)!  Our Sunspace rooms are called 3 Season rooms but can actually extend your time of use to more than just 3 seasons.

Open Grilling Deck

Pro Built Screen Porch with stairs

We can build open decks as an accessory to your screen porch or 3 season room. We suggest going with composite decking on these as they would be susceptible to heavy rain and sun exposure.  Our composite decking option is shown, installed with concealed fasteners.

Patios / Hardscaping

We can install custom designed, dry-laid patios with fire pits and stone sitting walls as an accessory to your screen porch or 3 season room.  Many material options and designs available.


Pro built Porch fireplace examples

You can use your 3 season room in the fall and wintertime with a fireplace to keep you warm.  We can do electric, gas (middle and right) or wood burning (left).  The gas fireplace is a very nice unit with blower and remote.  The wood burning has an option for an log igniter (bottom middle) to make a quick and easy fire.  Sure beats rubbing two sticks together!

Privacy / T.V. Wall

This option offers great versatility.  Here we built a privacy wall that serves as a place for a t.v. and fireplace heater.  The fireplace shown is actually a heater that plugs into any regular outlet.  It was purchased online, will heat 400 square feet and is a low cost alternative to a stone fireplace.  This option is also great for getting a little more privacy if you have close neighbors or street view.  In this orientation, it allows you to watch t.v. and still be facing the backyard view!

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are awesome!  Talk about opening up the space…  Open these doors to combine with your living room or kitchen area for a ton of free space for entertaining, or just hangin’.

Tile Floors

Screen porch tile examples

We love tile on 3 season rooms!  We can install the tile of your choosing.  The ceiling is still the focal point, but a tile floor can double the wow factor!

Composite Decking

We can install low maintenance, composite decking on your project.  A solid product with a 25 year fade warranty! (Hidden fastener install shown here)

Stamped Concrete (Under porch)

This option takes full advantage of the space under the porch.  Being a dry space it can be used as a work area or an additional lounging area! If you build a screen porch or 3 season room that is 6′ or higher above grade level, this is an option for you!

Electrical Options

Add as many electrical outlets as you like on our porches!

T.V. / Cable Outlet

We can conceal cable and electrical hook-ups behind your T.V. (T.V. not included)! Bonus points if you can find the dog!