Sunspace versus EZE breeze

*BOSS CAM* – ? Uggghhh! Fixing Eze Breeze panels from jobs past!!! So glad we made the switch to Sunspace last year!!! With Eze Breeze, there were problems I had to fix on just about every new order (prior to installation!). You should never have to fix or modify brand new panels! I was never compensated for all of these repairs from Eze Breeze. Now, with Sunspace, we’ve not had one repair or modification to make! I saw this coming over the last few years and we made the switch last year! SOOOOO glad we did! The quality of Sunspace is much higher than Eze Breeze and the installations go much smoother. This is what makes us the top screen porch & 3 season room builder for the Raleigh area. We NEVER settle on quality and we push the boundaries! Even if it means the quality costs a little more or we have to research and try something new.

The Differences:

Moving parts: Eze Breeze has a few small springs & plastic moving parts that are constantly failing or breaking. These parts are the weakest area of the panels. Over the last few years, the Eze Breeze engineers have struggled to change these mechanisms leading to flawed designs and further issues.

Quality control: The main reason why we “jumped ship” with Eze Breeze is that the Q.C. went way down. This happened around the time that they became really popular in our area, a few years ago. Panels arrived too big, missing parts, cuts in screen & vinyl, dents in the frame, mitres not lining up, screen installed too tight or to too loose, poorly made panels, etc. (All of these which I fixed on site to not delay the project further) I’m known as the “Eze Breeze MacGyver” and have learned how to basically rebuild or remake every component of an Eze Breeze panel.

Panel sizes: A great thing about the Sunspace is that the individual panels are all the same size in each bay. This makes it much easier to remove and replace when cleaning.

Frame material: The Sunspace frames are much stronger, being thicker aluminum. This makes for a much more solid frame. The appearance is also more sleek, meaning that they even look better than their competitor’s panel.

Delivery / Handling: Panels, many times arrived, damaged in transit from the Manufacturer. Inadequate shipping projection (Sunspace packages their product very well).

Lead time: Lead time last year was half the time of Eze Breeze.

Recourse: Very frustrating to get in touch with someone to handle a problem.