The Eze Breeze system

Eze Breeze panels are added to our gorgeous screen porches to seal them in from weather, pollen, even the cold!  Eze Breeze panels are the easiest, most cost-effective solution to sealing in porches.  Each Eze-Breeze unit has four sliding, clear vinyl panels that slide up or down behind a screened outer panel (see video). When completely open you have 75% screened openings. When they’re closed, you have 100% protection from wind, pollen, and weather.  They also hold in heat!  It only takes about 3 minutes to completely open or close the entire porch.  There are many options you can have.  Some of which go hand in hand with the 3 season room option.  See our options page to see what’s included and what’s available.

Eze Breeze panels

Why Eze Breeze?

Upgrading to a 3 season room helps you get the use of a sun-room for a lot less.  An actual sun-room has a lot more cost involved because it has framed walls, insulated floor ceiling and walls, windows, some sort of heating unit (small unit or otherwise) and normally sheetrocked, trimmed and painted.  These costs add up quick.  Installing windows around the perimeter of the room is expensive as well as the heating unit. We have the capability to build sun-rooms but compared to the cost of a 3 season room, it’s much more cost effective to build a 3 season room and heat it when needed.