Raleigh screen porches & 3 season rooms

Raleigh screen porches

Raleigh is a great place to live!  The climate down here allows for fairly cold / mild winters and warm / hot summers, with several months of pleasant weather each year.  Raleigh has the convenience and history of a capitol city but is not overly populated.  Record expansion has hit the surrounding areas such as Cary and Apex but Raleigh has much room to grow.

Raleigh is a great place to live but do you know what most houses are missing?  A really nice screen porch or 3 season room!  We’re all trying our best to make a good life for our families.  The hustle and bustle of life puts a big demand on us so we all need a great place to relax.  What if you could walk out of your back door in to such a place?  Imagine lounging in your screen porch or 3 season room on a mild, clear evening without worrying about bugs and mosquitoes.  The Raleigh area has exploded with this new niche:  “Luxury screen porches & 3 season rooms” and they are in high demand!  15 years ago, this wasn’t even a concept.  As one of the “trailblazers” of this industry, we’ve been defining it for almost 15 years!

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At Pro-Built, we are proud to service the Raleigh areas.  Pro-Built’s owner, Nick Overby is a Raleigh native who has come up through the ranks of Raleigh’s local construction industry.  He’s taken all of the knowledge he’s learned over his 20+ years of custom construction experience and combined it into one neat package.

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Raleigh Historical facts:

Did you know?  Raleigh was founded in 1792 as North Carolina’s capital city. It was named for Sir Walter Raleigh.  He was chartered by Queen Elizabeth to start the first English colony on the shores of the “new world” in the 1580s.  He was actually beheaded in 1618 (unjustly many people felt) on suspicion of being a conspirator to Queen Elizabeth’s successor King James I.

Did you know?  Raleigh is the largest city in a combined area known as the Research Triangle Region.

Did you know?  Raleigh’s founding fathers called it the “City of Oaks” and dedicated themselves to maintaining the area’s wooded areas and grassy parks.

Did you know?  One of the world’s greatest technological research parks is in Raleigh, where companies like Lenovo, Sony Ericsson, IBM, Nortel Networks, and Cisco maintain headquarters.

Did you know? Initially, the Belt-line was to be built as a wall but after lobbying by the Cities with Borders group, it was changed to a roadway.

Did you know?  When delegates met at Isaac Hunter’s Tavern to decide the location of the new state capital, Toast, Stem, Lizard Lick, Climax, Weed and Mamers became the first recorded official joke nominations in North Carolina history.

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Raleigh screen porches & 3 season rooms