“Screen porch ideas” is a search term that most people will type in when researching screen porches.  We’re constantly coming up with new ideas!  Building over 300 projects in the last 17 + years, we are the leading, premium screen porch builder in the Raleigh, Apex and Cary areas.  As the leading screen porch builder in the Raleigh area, it’s been our goal to provide the most options and ideas possible.  Our approach has been intentionally different from all the other “cookie cutter” approaches in the industry.  Realizing that every project can be be remarkably different by fitting the customers’ desires like a glove.  This includes many different facets of customization:  Different ceiling trim out options, color schemes, the newest options available, cutting edge included features, and a base package that includes most, if not all of what customers want.

Loaded base package

One thing that’s made us the top screen porch builder is the way we do things.  Our base package takes all the essentials and presents them in a neat and easy package (see options page).  Pair that with our highly visual website and you have an easy way to narrow down your selections.

Different ceiling trim out options

We offer different ceiling trim outs (see options page).  Many companies try to limit you one ceiling option.  Why do they do this?  To make it easier on them or they may not have enough experience to go “outside of the norm”.  On the other side of the coin, you have a lot of screen porch companies out there, forced to duplicate our ceiling styles because they are so popular.  If you have to make another company do something they don’t normally do, a re-evaluation of the builder selection process may be needed.  We are trim pros designing and offering many different ceiling styles with a wide pallet of color options.

Newest options available

Over the years, we’ve made it our goal to keep updating our options.  This means constantly researching housing trends, styles, materials and installation methods.

Cutting edge included features

Some of our newest items are secret features.  Over the years, we have been the most watched and copied screen porch builder in our niche.  There are some features that we had to take “underground” because intellectual property is a thing of the past in this information age.  We’ve heard of potential customers giving jobs to other (unlicensed) contractors with our designs and options just because of a lower cost.  When, if these people actually new they were hiring unlicensed contractors to build our designs, they would not be doing so (see our licensed contractors blog).

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