Make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed

We are actual licensed contractors.  Licensed contractors have been tested and vetted in their industry.  Most “contractors” are not actually licensed contractors but take on jobs as if they were.  This is a very big problem in my industry as a contractor’s license is difficult to obtain.  A lot of my competition will undercut my prices by thousands as an incentive to award a job to them, overlooking the fact that they are unlicensed.  Don’t be enticed by a very low price without checking.

It’s North Carolina law that any project that exceeds $30,000 requires an N.C. general contractor’s license.  Also, only licensed contractors may hire subcontractors (this includes electricians and HVAC subcontractors).  My contractor’s license will be on your quote and you can verify this and any other contractor’s information at the N.C. contractor’s website.

No matter how reputable the company is, make sure you check their license information by asking for their license number and check to make sure they are actually licensed under their name or company name.